At A Glance

Disciplines:  Commercial Photographer, Photographic Artist

Dates:  1966 to present

Career:  c.1989 to present

Lived and worked:  London, Perth (Scotland)

Known for: A large body of commercial photography

Chael MerikaIntroduction

Chael Merika was born in London 1966. On a trip to Scotland, some twenty years ago, he discovered a glass vase by Scottish makers Strathearn (now sadly no more). Whilst researching and cataloging the company he became involved with the antiques world and soon found he had a knack for photographing glass. This led to a number of commissions and he has been photographing glass collections for books, publications and articles ever since.

With the advent of high resolution digital photograpy he began to create artworks outside of his antique work and now produces images from originals that are given a different emotional perspective to capture something that never strictly existed in the real world.

Body Of Work

Commercial Antique Glass Photgraphy

Chael specialises in photographing glass, antiques through to modern, and continues to do this. His work has been featured in various publications including The Times.

Art Photgraphy

Drawn from his personal artwork Chael has now released some of his images for use by Design Heritage. This is the first time many have been seen and a selection will be made available as large prints in due course.

Further Information & Sources

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